the OPPOSITE of God wanted us to be

pexels-photo-220365.jpegWhen ever I see people standing on the side of the street with signs, it makes me horribly sad. These people are always holding signs saying “Please Help!!” “Food and water needed”!! In my eyes, I see people that need help, but it seems they are not willing to work for it.  There are places for people to go, like the homeless shelter, or Red Cross. (I think that’s one lol) A lot places like the homeless shelters will say, even beg, people NOT to give them money. Even though it is a nature and it is what God wants us to do, it’s a bad habit and can even be dangerous for you or the person. One day I was with my friend and her mother, we were driving to someplace like Hobby Lobby or somewhere like that, and we saw this guy standing on the side of the street, ragged clothes, slightly dirty, but had nice shoes and had a backpack on his back that we recognized from a very expensive store. He was holding a sign that said “Please help, need for for my children and pregnant wife back home”. “Anything will help”. As the car got silent as we drove by him, my friend’s mother said “We’re going to make a quick trip into Dollar Tree”. As we came out with a bag of food, with bread, jelly and peanut butter, we knew who we were giving it to. As we drove up closer to the end of the street the man was standing on, my friend’s mother took out $5.00 out of her purse. She got out of the car and approached the man, she handed him the bag of food and the money. He said “This money is too much, I can’t take it!” My friend’s mother said “Take it, and God bless you”. The man took  both and walked away. As we all watched him walk away, the most disappointing thing happened. We sat there and watched the man walk into the tobacco store. He came out with another bag, probably filled with cigarettes. As we drove away confused that day, we didn’t really speak for awhile. All I can say is please just pray for these people. I am not saying this in a mean way, but it’s true.

But maybe there are other ways we can help those in need. (Here some examples)

  • donate money to homeless shelters so they can buy what is needed
  • help serve at a soup kitchen
  • help at places like Goodwill, or even at a local church help with a service called Baby Corner, where mothers or fathers can come and get supplies they need for their unborn or born baby
  • sometimes a smile and a kind word go the greatest distance

Verse of the day:  “Wealth adds many friends, But a poor man is separated from his friend”. Proverbs 19:4

Thank You, have a wonderful day and walk with the Lord


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  1. T. R. Noble says:

    Items are definitely better than money for sure. Even if the money went to something not anticipated you all still did well in helping him. 🙂 Jesus helped anyone He could whether or not they followed Him.

    Unfortunately, some shelters are full or not able to help out as we may think. For those of us who have an address, it is a privilege we take for granted. Not having our own address takes away a number of opportunities, and job hunting can be hard because of this.

    You’re right though, some people do choose the life of homelessness, but we don’t know their story unless we ask. 🙂

    I don’t think you’re being mean at all, just sharing your perspective, and that’s okay. 🙂


    1. Thank you, I tried to make it not so like mean sounding. You’re very true.

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  2. Once I walked past a lady who was asking for money outside the civic center. We were at a Christian conference and had limited time to go buy lunch. When I came back, she was still there. I asked her if she wanted the rest of my lunch, and she took it gratefully and started eating it like she hadn’t had anything to eat for a long time. I think we need to be sensitive to the leading of God’s Spirit in our hearts and not let incidents like what you shared above create a prejudice in us that causes us to harden our hearts and put up a barrier to hearing the voice of God. And really, even if we are non-smokers, do we not have areas where we lack self-control? I believe the Lord loves us all in spite of our failures. Whatever we give in Jesus’ name, whether it be a glass of cold water, food, a blanket, or a $5 bill, if we give it in Jesus name, God will bless it. We could also use our personal giving as an opportunity to spread the Gospel. You can get a plastic pouch full of Gospel tracts and keep it in the car or in your backpack or purse and give a tract to each person you show kindness to. Here’s the website to get that: ) I believe people are more likely to listen to the gospel when they are down and out. Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24 Maybe that’s because they are too busy amassing more wealth. But the down-and-out have time to listen and think about what we share. Besides, it’s not our job to fix them, just to show them God’s love and to share the Gospel so they can be saved. Then God can work on fixing them.


    1. Great story, God has chosen people like you to do great things on this earth. 🙂


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