Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

We all know that Valentine’s Day is about loving each other for who they are and of course giving them chocolates. But is it really? That is the question I woke up to this morning. Then I thought, “Does God like the holiday?” Well it might not be the most important one, but it also shows the love that God shows us. One of my friends said Valentine’s Day is just another holiday to love someone if you’ve done something wrong, like if you got into a fight or something like that.  But really everyday should be Valentine’s Day. Don’t you think? Just not the chocolates every day.  🙂  pexels-photo-356365.jpegToday’s verse: Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love 1st John 4:8

Have a memorable Valentine’s Day! Comment below!!! Thanks, have a great day/evening, and walk with the Lord.


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