What is your purpose in this world? Are you PERFECT?

Today in bible class, we were talking about the word “Why”.  Why do you believe in God?   Why are you here on this earth?  These are two of the many questions we asked ourselves in class.  One thing I have always wondered was this: Why do I go to church? Did God put me on this earth in the bodily form I am for a reason or to do something breath taking?  Well here’s the thing, We Are Human.  We are going to sin, we are not going to know everything, and let’s just say it We Are NOT Perfect!

One time in like 5th grade, I had to sing a song to another class that we had memorized. (So embarrassing lol) But after the song, we paired up with one or two kids from the class to ask them questions like “What did this song mean to you?” or “Do you think this song means anything?”.  One of the kids I was with answered the question as “I don’t know” which was ok because we expected them not to know.  I said “This song is about making mistakes, but knowing that you did them and being honest about it.”  After I said that, she said, “Well I am perfect, and I don’t make mistakes”.  I really wanted to say something like “Have you ever heard of God, He forgives our mistakes” or “That’s actually not true”.

Anyways, since I have put out a long drawn story, I started thinking about what she said. I started thinking: Did God put me here for a reason? Of course he did, if He didn’t then who would’ve made this blog. 🙂 He put everyone here for a reason, even if it feels very small to us.

Today’s Verse:

“As it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one” Romans 3:10

Thank you everyone, have a great day/evening, and keep walking with the Lord. 🙂 pexels-photo-207653.jpeg



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  1. T. R. Noble says:

    Really good verse!

    Younger kids can be tricky. There are ways to help them understand, but you’re right we need to be creative. I’d love to know what that little girl thought the definition of perfect was. It’s one thing to believe we are perfect, but then how are we perfect?


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