I have been judged because of my dog :(

As you all know by reading my “about me”, I have a dog named Boots. We named her that because she has white feet but the rest of her is a brown, gray, and black brindle. Here’s Boot’s story:

We went to look at a dog at the animal shelter named Tony.  He was a white pit bull with a big black dot on his face.  We took him into the “meeting room” where we could play and get to know him.  His personality wasn’t for us.  He was more independent.  And what was really sad was that he had been there for almost a year!  He had learned the sounds of the doors clicking meant “that one means I’m getting fed”, or “that one means I get to go outside and play”.  As we were walking out of the “meeting room”, we saw Boots with a volunteer.  We asked if it was her dog, maybe thinking it was a disability dog, seeing that the women was blind.  She said no, and said “This is Carmen” (that was her name at the time).  She also said “We just got her in about two weeks ago, she has been fixed, and is a very loving puppy”.  As we walked by her we noticed how she starting wagging her tail.   We went into the meeting room with her and played, laughed and even got some kisses from her.  We took her home that night, we got her used to our house and started teaching her house rules that next day.  Oh yeah, and I forgot. She was 10 months old when we got her.  We renamed her Boots.  Because she wasn’t chipped or tagged, it was hard to find her owner.  She also had 4 teeth marks on her forehead.  We think it could of been from a person training her to fight, but it wasn’t quite Boots “cup of tea”.

Whenever we go walking at the park, people will walk faster or go the other way because pit bulls have a bad reputation. Boots is our protector but will never be trained to be mean and vicious.

Boots loves to go out in the woods, play with her nasty old dirty ball, and be a “sun puppy” ( a dog who wants to be in the sun at all times, seriously).

I have also been judged at school.  Whenever a friend wants to have a sleep over, they will most likely ask “So do you have any pets?” or “I’m allergic to cats.”  I will say “Yes, I have a dog, her name is Boots”.  They will usually say “Awww what kind?”.  And I can’t lie, so what do I say? “She’s a pit bull mixed with something else” lol.  Then there mood changes dramatically.  All of a sudden they say “Oh wait, dang it, sorry, I can’t, my grandma is coming to stay”, maybe a lie.

It makes me sad that maybe there is a judgement because of a dog I rescued.  I mean really you could say “Well your dog is probably aggressive”.  But I could easily train a black lab to be mean.


I hoped you enjoyed Boots story and halfway mine. I won’t be posting Thursday or Friday since I will be visiting with family. But Saturday I am most definitely doing one 🙂

Thank you, here’s another picture of me with Boots, have a great day/evening and walk with the Lord! 🙂

(Shes alseep in this picture, in the sun of course) 🙂



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  1. T. R. Noble says:

    Pitbulls or any dogs that bark at me scare me, especially when they come at me. It has nothing to do with how a dog looks. But a dog who is kind and loving I am all about 🙂 Admittedly, the bigger the dog, the more nervous I can get, but that’s with any type. As soon as I see a friendly dog, I’m a completely at ease. If I was your friend, I would just be comfortable knowing if the dog had an issue with strangers, then he would be in a part of the house where I wouldn’t make him nervous.


  2. People are scared of our dog, Jessie, but she is such a sweetheart. In her case, her bark is worse than her bite (because she doesn’t bite), and I know it’s the same with Boots!


  3. Thank you to both of you, Jessie really is a sweetheart 🙂


  4. Faye L. says:

    Thank you for sharing your sweet Boots’ story! She seems like a super sweet dog!

    It is horrible how mean people can be towards dogs! It really is awful. 😦

    One of the dogs I puppy-sit was labeled a Husky mix when her family rescued her. Though she has beautiful blue eyes, I think they only labeled her “Husky” mix because they knew if she was labeled “PitBull” no one would want her. She was abused previously, has some quirks, and is not great with little children. But she is also a super sweet girl. Every morning when I watch her, she simply wants me to pet her and play with her.

    I think PitBulls can make excellent family pets. They are so loyal and always love their people. In the right hands, PitBulls can making outstanding dogs.

    Thanks for sharing. Boots truly is gorgeous!



    1. Thank you for sharing her/his story. All they want is simply love 🙂

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  5. Linda says:

    Dogs are close to my heart and your story touched me. Over the years we have given homes to a great number of rescued/homeless animals, including the 6 dogs we have right now. The latest one we took in (years ago) had been found tied up in a backyard, abandoned by her family that had moved away. Her face is so much like your Boots, and she is the sweetest, gentlest dog to people. Not so much to other animals though. Thank you for sharing your story. Boots is beautiful!


    1. Thank you for doing great things like helping dogs. She sounds beautiful. Thank you 🙂

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    2. Wow I respect you so much for what you do to save lives. Thank You

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