A recipe of my own

In this blog,   I want to talk about a recipe I like to make and I am willing to share with everyone else.  If you like lemonade and are a strawberry person, this is for you.  I like to call this drink “A Sweet Summer”.


  • water (cold water works well)
  • ice cubes or crushed
  • strawberries (cut into slices works well)
  • lemonade water flavoring or fresh lemonade

Directions: Using fresh lemonade

Pour fresh lemonade into cup or mason jar (for the country folks). Then put ice and strawberries into lemonade. Stir and enjoy! 🙂

Directions: For water and lemonade water flavoring

Pour water into cup or mason jar (for the country folks). Then add lemonade water flavoring and stir. Then add ice and cut strawberries. Stir and enjoy! 🙂

I’m sure that other people have invented this drink to but I wanted to share my version with you to. I hope you try this and enjoy and maybe add your own sparkle to this summer drink. This Thursday recipe will also be posted tomorrow.

Here’s some pictures






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  1. Very easy and delicious 😋


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