Friday Free Day/ A One Day Get Over


Today’s blog will be about something we have started at church and the “odds” and “ends” of it.

So at our church we have what we call “Prayer Night” on Wednesday nights.  We start off with sharing a verse of the day.  It’s either said by our pastor or a person in the group.  We then talk about prayer, how our weeks have been going, and/or share the stresses in our week.  After that, we have 3×5 blank note cards that pastor has handed out that we write our worries for ourselves or someone else along with some of our prayers. Once we are done, we have a group prayer.  We pray silently in our head or pray aloud.  Once we are done, we place the note cards on the altar and say The Lords Prayer and go on with the evening.  We leave our worries with God, as we are to cast them out.

As this was my first time going there, I felt good after I did it.  I encourage you to make a prayer group of even just a morning church group (not saying this in a forceful way) 🙂 You will feel better after you do this also.

I called this “a one day get over” because I will never be able to accept that people are God’s children but don’t see it. I think we don’t share the word of God because we are scared to be judged by the sinful world. Here is a good story to relate to this.

On the radio there is a station me and my parents listen to of real life stories of God’s mighty works.  This man shared one that about a year ago he had a bad addiction of alcohol.  The results of this were him being mean to his wife and children and getting in a lot of trouble (meaning going to jail and many DUI’s).  He lived in Hollywood and came to the pastor on the radio station for help.  The pastor gave him some advice and this is what he said after the man a year later got over his addiction: “You know people in Hollywood would see me get in trouble or be mean to people but they would never say to me “sir you are crazy.”  Until one day, I went up to a friend of mine and said “I have been saved by God!” And his friend said, can you guess it, “You’re crazy.”

Please don’t ever be afraid to share the word with God. He has put you on this earth for a reason and that was to be his children.

Deuteronomy 15:11                                                                                                                                                                         “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.”

Thank You, have a great day/evening and keep on walking with the Lord 🙂

love, Dancing With God 🙂


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  1. I like this post and when you said, “I think we don’t share the word of God because we are scared to be judged by the sinfull world. ”

    It’s true, because of the world we live in, it defines what we should do and say; but as Christians, Paul encourages us to not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ but unashamed and unafraid to speak the name Jesus Christ.


    1. You are so right 🙂


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